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2019-03-12 11:55:00

Like human children, many pets also need snacks. Because these snacks are not just a reward for their meal, they may also need to be supplemented with trace elements or help them to eat and learn something. What do you need to pay attention to when feeding pets? What is a pet healthy snack? Use the dog to give an example today.
5 places to pay attention to when feeding pets

2019-03-12 11:54:00

A few days ago, American researchers found that the personality of a dog grows up. These changes may be related to the age and personality of the dog. Researchers at Michigan State University report in a new international journal, Personality Studies, that they conducted a large-scale survey to study dog ​​personality changes. The survey covered more than 50 different breeds, ranging from a few weeks to 15 More than 1,600 dogs of different ages. The researchers asked the host to assess the personality characteristics of their dogs and to answer the dog behavior patterns and questionnaires about their own personality. The results show that the dog's personality will change with age, and the best time to train the dog is about 6 years old. And fear and anxiety are the personality characteristics that dogs have always had. In addition, studies have confirmed that humans have a great influence on the personality of dogs. For example, after the owner takes a dog from an animal shelter and takes it for a walk every day, caressing it, the dog is likely to become relaxed and better at dealing with people, and the taming course and training will help the dog develop more Positive personality characteristics. This study shows that dogs and their owners will converge on some personality traits. Extroverted owners are more likely to think that their dogs are more excited and more active, while owners with more negative emotions tend to evaluate their dogs more timid and less responsive to training. The study also found that according to the dog's personality can roughly predict its future situation, such as the intimacy with the owner, the aggressiveness is not strong, or what chronic diseases will be won in the future.
Be kind to your dog! Are you deciding whether it becomes a "small milk dog" or a "big wolf dog"?
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