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5 places to pay attention to when feeding pets

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Like human children, many pets also need snacks. Because these snacks are not just a reward for their meal, they may also need to be supplemented with trace elements or help them to eat and learn something. What do you need to pay attention to when feeding pets? What is a pet healthy snack? Use the dog to give an example today.


First of all, we must know that the snacks that are fed to the dogs must be healthy and natural. Because dogs are different from humans, many things with additives can't be eaten. Therefore, it is better for the host to do some homemade snacks for the pet. You can't buy some dog snacks from the outside pet store and casually buy them for the dogs. For snacks, you can make homemade meat, homemade chicken breast, homemade meat and so on. For example, you can clean the pork you bought, cut it into thin slices, and bake it in the oven. Similarly, chicken breast chicken legs can do this. If the dog in the house needs to add water, and the age is still relatively small, you can turn the roast into boiled meat, without putting salt, just use white water to cook.


Also note that dogs can't eat too much snacks too much, and they can't feed too much at once, because dogs are more like snacks than normal dog food or meals, but if As the frequency increases, they will fall in love with snacks and gradually give up their dinner. This can lead to many diseases of the dog, such as the imbalance of the body's nutrition, etc., or the bad habit of picky eaters, and sometimes even raise the dog's heart, thinking that "the owner is very petting me." I can eat snacks casually and indiscriminately. I will not obey any more in the future.

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